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MP Breakfast Connections in Review

Scroll down for video highlights and summaries of past MP Breakfast Connections. 

MP Breakfast Connections is a monthly breakfast speaker series hosted by MP Joyce Murray on Friday mornings at Enigma Restaurant

MP Murray aims to provide an accessible forum to network and meet other members of the community, and the opportunity to learn and engage current policy issues with leading experts in a non-partisan setting.

We welcome your feedback and ideas for future MP Breakfast Connections topics. If you would like to be added to the email invitation list, please send an email to


May 27, 2016 MP Breakfast Connections with Roslyn Kunin “Will it be possible to have a successful career in the 21st century?”

Conventional careers in the sense of full-time secure positions are becoming scarcer and the pace of change faster. Casual, part-time and contract work are becoming more prevalent. Within a few decades technologies already in development are predicted to render half of today’s jobs obsolete. While tough on older workers, Canadian youth – already stuck with nearly double the average unemployment rate (13.1% vs. 7.1%, April 2016) – will bear the brunt. Our friends, children and grandchildren need new tools and policies to help them succeed.

Dr. Kunin is an economist and labour market expert.  She is currently chair of the board of directors of the Haida Enterprise Corporation and has been a Director of the Business Development Bank of Canada, chair of the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia and member of the National Statistics Council of Statistics. Dr. Kunin holds the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal and the Order of Canada.

With a friendly apology to any attendees who mistakenly took veggie sausages at the buffet, Eleanor listed powerful steps we can take to improve food systems, including eating less meat. Additionally, we can buy more locally grown foods, minimize food waste, and in some cases pay more for food that is produced ecologically. Eleanor outlined some of the exciting conversations occurring in Canada and globally, as societies consider National Food Policies (NFPs) that take into account not only the business of agriculture but environmental, health and social objectives. She listed three reasons NFPs are difficult for governments, which need to (a) break down silos and work across ministries; (b) juggle radically-competing priorities; and (c) struggle with the complex problem of poverty that is at the root of food insecurity. Eleanor outlined optimistic trends that are improving food-system access, health, and sustainability — including a shift in food banks away from being traditional charities and toward fostering co-operative self-help; and rising consumer awareness to support local farmers, eat food with fewer chemicals and pesticides, waste less food, and think widely about these issues – as the Canadian government is doing in its quest to develop a National Food Policy. References and resources at

MP Breakfast Connections Friday January 30, 2015: Is Canada’s new justice policy ‘Wrong on Crime’?

MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker Joan McEwan from Joyce Murray on Vimeo.

Vancouver-based lawyer and arbitrator Joan McEwen spoke on Is Canada’s new justice policy ‘Wrong on Crime’? Joan’s unique experience was gained from years volunteering in prisons, and research for her book Innocence on Trial: The Framing of Ivan Henry about a wrongly convicted man, imprisoned for 27 years and acquitted in 2010.   Guest Tom Sophonow, himself wrongly convicted and recently acquitted, noted that current prison conditions “just make people better at doing the bad things that sent them to jail”. Four years ago the Conservative government introduced sweeping changes beginning with omnibus crime Bill C-10 resulting in less rehabilitation programming in prisons, longer sentences, and jail overcrowding.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday November 28, 2014: B.C.’s Forest Future – disaster or opportunity?

MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker UBC Professor Suzanne Simard from Joyce Murray on Vimeo.

UBC Forestry Professor Suzanne Simard discussed BC’s Forest Future – disaster or opportunity? Professor Simard is an expert on forest ecology whose ground breaking research focuses on the complex and symbiotic nature of our forests. Her talk challenged participants to re-imagine a more holistic and sustainable future for BC’s forest ecology and for our very important forest industry.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday October 31, 2014: “What will it take to get more women on Boards?”   

Friday, October 31 MP Breakfast Connections with special guest Anne Giardini, Chancellor of Simon Fraser University. “What will it take to get more women on Boards?”

Increasing the number of women on boards was a central pillar of Joyce’s 2013 Liberal Leadership Campaign.  In Canada, women occupy just 15.9 percent of corporate board seats, and 40 percent of publicly traded companies have no women on their boards, according to Canada’s FP 500 list of public and private companies. Studies consistently reveal that businesses with more women on their boards and in senior management outperform those with fewer women.

Anne Giardini was installed as Chancellor of Simon Fraser University in June. She was President of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited for many years, and serves on several corporate and other boards.  She is a business leader, lawyer, community volunteer and author.  She received her BA from SFU, LLB from UBC, and LLM from Cambridge University. In 2013-14, she served on the Government of Canada’s Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards.

This Halloween, let’s hear from Anne why we shouldn’t be afraid of what it takes to get more women on Boards!


MP Breakfast Connections Friday September 26, 2014: “Can public broadcasting survive in Canada?”   

Friday September 26, MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker President & CEO of Knowledge Network, Rudy Buttignol:  Can public broadcasting survive in Canada?

The latest cuts to the CBC once again bring the role of public broadcasting in Canada to our attention.  Preserving the CBC and public broadcasting has generated more mail and more petitions than any other topic since Joyce was elected in 2008.   Rudy has transformed and re-branded BC’s public broadcaster as a 24/7, multiplatform digital service with increased viewership and revenues.  Before coming to Knowledge Network he was TV Ontario’s Creative Head of Network Programing.

Daphne Bramham of the Vancouver Sun wrote that the: “CBC could learn a thing or two from Knowledge Network whose documentaries and kids’ programming are winners with continually growing audiences.” Join us for this provocative look at where public broadcasting is today and where we need it to be.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday August 22, 2014: “The police protect us, but who is protecting them?”   

Friday August 22, summer MP Breakfast Connections with special guest Hon. Judy Sgro, MP York West, Liberal Critic for Industry, and former Minister of Citizenship  and Immigration.  “The police protect us, but who is protecting them?”

Harassment in the RCMP has become endemic. In spite of an internal commission and legislation, it seems not to have improved. There appears to be a culture that permits harassment as well as a system that is stacked against women officers.   As the former Liberal Critic for the Status of Women, Hon. Judy Sgro and her Senate colleague Grant Mitchell held hearings across the country on this important issue.

Sadly we are still hearing complaints about all forms of harassment in the RCMP.  Judy will share the work she has done and hear your views on how we protect those who protect us.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday June 6, 2014: “Are the root causes of world conflict changing – and what does this mean for Canada?”   

Friday June 6, 2014, MP Breakfast Connections discussion with guest speaker Dr. Philippe Le Billon. “Are the root causes of world conflict changing – and what does this mean for Canada?”

Be part of the conversation with Dr. Le Billon, Professor with UBC’s Department of Geography, the Liu Institute for Global issues, and published author. He will share a unique perspective on the geography of war, in particular how resources have shaped recent conflict and what the international community has tried to do about it.

As we mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day June 6, 1944, and the 100th anniversary of the First World War, it is important to remember the number of both military and civilian lives lost.  Post-Cold War conflicts around the globe are increasingly complex and often tied to resource extraction.  What have we learned, and does Canada have a role to play?


 MP Breakfast Connections Friday May 2, 2014: “Can We Have Sustainable Agriculture – And Still Feed The Planet?”   

Friday May 2, 2014, MP Breakfast Connections discussion with guest speaker Dr. Charles J. Krebs.  “Can We Have Sustainable Agriculture – And Still Feed The Planet?”

Be part of the conversation with Dr. Charles J. Krebs, Professor Emeritus with the Department of Zoology at the University of British Columbia. As well as being an expert population ecologist, his textbook on ecology is used in ecology courses worldwide.  His many years of fieldwork in boreal forests of the Canadian arctic should lead to a very informative and interesting discussion on agricultural sustainability, climate change, and impacts on the biodiversity of the planet. Is modern agriculture sustainable, and what is the impact on global food security?


> MP Breakfast Connections on Friday March 21, 2014 with guest speaker Chief Sophie Pierre: “Will there ever be real equality of opportunity for BC First Nations?”

MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker Chief Sophie Pierre from Joyce Murray on Vimeo.

Will there ever be equality of opportunity for BC First Nations?

We have seen progress in the equality of opportunity First Nation’s people, but we still have a long way to go. That was Sophie Pierre’s message to the March MP Breakfast. Pierre is Chief Commissioner of the BC Treaty Commission and she successfully turned the St Eugene Residential School site in Cranbrook, BC into a successful hotel and conference center.
Chief Pierre said that the treaty process is complicated by tensions stemming from the historical distrust between First Nations communities and the provincial and federal governments. Every First Nations band is unique with different needs hopes and desires, so a one size fits all approach doesn’t work in the treaty process.

First Nations make up about four percent of Canada’s population but they have the fastest growing birth rate and unfortunately only about one-third of high school and post-secondary students graduate. This is mainly due to poor access to education on reserve, which the Federal Government is responsible. Solving treaty issues will go a long way to making conditions much better for our First Nations Communities concluded Pierre.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday

ruary 28, 2014: “Surviving the system – Challenges facing youth today?”   

Please join Member of Parliament Joyce Murray at her Friday February 28, MP Breakfast Connections discussion with guest speaker Faye Wightman:   “Surviving the system – Challenges facing youth today.”

Canada’s economy is in the doldrums, and youth are most affected, with their unemployment rate twice the national average. Youth with economic, social or cultural disadvantages face even greater challenges in developing satisfying and contributing lives and careers. The success of today’s young people is key to the well being of all Canadians. Are we failing them?

Faye Wightman, former President and CEO of the Vancouver Foundation, has been instrumental in transforming the Foundation into Canada’s largest community foundation, and a catalyst for social change.  It takes a village to raise a child, and Faye has been a critical community voice advocating for youth at risk. Be part of the conversation about how we can “be there” for our challenged youth.

Surviving the system – Challenges facing youth today

What if on your 19th birthday you went out with friends and came home that evening to find all of your belongings on the front steps and the door locked. That’s what happens to 700 young people in the care of the Province each year on their 19th birthday.

Faye Wightman the past president of the Vancouver Foundation told our MP Breakfast in February that this is the major reason we see young people on the streets—they have fallen out of the foster care system and have nowhere else to go. The Vancouver Foundation has been tracking these youth in their Housing and Homeless Report and it shows that more than 70 percent of our population are unaware of the youth homeless problem.

When we look at families with children who are not at risk we see that those children have family support—currently 36 percent of young people 29 and under still live at home. The tragedy is that homeless youth become homeless adults and for very little cost we can prevent this problem by expanding foster care beyond the age of 19.


MP Breakfast Connections on Friday January 31, 2014 with guest speaker Mr. Yuen Pau Woo: “Canada-Asia Relations: Now for the Hard Part.”

Yuen Pau Woo from Joyce Murray on Vimeo.

Asia Pacific Trade and human rights

Leading China-Canada expert and Asia Pacific Foundation President, Mr. Yuen Pau Woo, speaking at the January MP Policy Breakfast, noted he believes that two-way trade and investment is vital to Canada’s economic future.

In the decade ending in 2011, Canadian exports to China grew from $8 billion to $48 billion dollars. “That was the easy part,” said Yuen. “We are entering a new era in our relationship with China – we’re moving past trade missions and ministerial visits and must set a new course. China could be an even more important trade partner, but Canada has a long way to go, and Canadians are not certain that is what they want.”

Yuen Pau Woo encourages Canadians to take the long view: “Canadians are concerned about human rights violations in China. Instead of reacting to individual incidents, Canada must develop a foundational approach to human rights, articulate it, and follow it.”


MP Breakfast Connections Friday November 29, 2013: “Does Canada need a Space Program?”   

Friday November 29th MP Breakfast Connections discussion with guest speaker Marc Garneau, MP: “Does Canada need a Space Program?”

Be part of the conversation with Canada’s first Astronaut and former President of Canada’s National Space Agency, Marc Garneau.

Canada’s Space Agency began in 1990, with a mission to lead the development and application of space knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.  Canadians have made significant contributions to space travel with the robotic Canadarm, developed in part here in British Columbia, by MacDonald Dettweiler, and we were all enthralled last year when Canadian Chris Hadfield was commander of the International Space Station and shared his experiences from space.  Is there a future for Canada’s  Space Agency?  Let’s ask Marc!


Friday October 25, 2013 “Supporting Seniors to stay at home – Who is Responsible?”

Friday October 25, 2013 MP Breakfast Connections discussion: “Supporting Seniors to stay at home  – Who is Responsible?” with guest speaker Dr. Beverley Pitman, Strategic Planner, Seniors Portfolio for the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

Canada’s population is aging and the share of seniors in the population will continue to rise in the coming decades.  Be part of this important conversation about how Canadian society will ensure services to seniors are there when they need them. How can we best support the wish to grow old with dignity and autonomy, staying safely in one’s own home as long as desired?

October’s MP Breakfast Connection featured a presentation by the United Way Seniors Planner Dr. Beverley Pitman on Supporting Seniors to Stay at Home – Who is Responsible?
Very important but difficult policy challenges face most western nations, with burgeoning populations of elders, and shrinking proportions of people in the workforce producing revenues to pay for social programming. Dr. Pitman outlined the issues, and one new approach, Better at Home, for helping seniors safely stay longer in their own homes.

View Beverley’s slide presentation:Supporting Seniors to Stay at Home


September 27, 2013 MP Breakfast Connections – A Canada-Europe free trade deal: what’s at stake and why should we care? 
MP Joyce Murray, kicked off her Fall MP Breakfast Connections series with guest speaker Dr. Kurt Huebner, political scientist, author and Director of the Institute for European Studies at UBC.
Dr. Huebner’s discussion was prescient in light of Canada’s recently announced Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Dr Kurt Huebner speaking on Canada EU Free Trade Agreement from Joyce Murray on Vimeo.

MP Beakfast Connections – the most interesting meal of the month!

MP Joyce Murray launched her Fall MP Breakfast Connections series with guest speaker Dr. Kurt Huebner, UBC professor and European Studies expert, on A Canada-Europe free trade deal: what’s at stake and why should we care?

Dr. Huebner outlined several reasons Canada has a real interest in entering into a Free Trade Agreement with Europe. However he expressed concern that Canada’s government appears almost desperate to complete a deal before the 2015 election, while the EU is less motivated. Huebner concluded that this weakening of Canada’s bargaining power could result in trade concessions that are not in Canada’s best interest.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday May 31, 2013: “How to Fix Canada’s Broken Electoral System?”

Friday May 31, MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker Honourable Stéphane Dion, for a discussion about options for fixing Canada’s unrepresentative electoral system.

Momentum is gaining in the movement calling for electoral reform, to address the combative and divisive politics in Ottawa today. As a federal Liberal Leadership candidate, Joyce provided a voice for many Canadians calling for a more collaborative and representative electoral process.

Join Joyce and Stéphane Dion, a leading Canadian expert and Liberal Critic for Democratic Reform, for a dynamic policy discussion and to learn more. Mr. Dion will share his innovative proposal for a P3 voting system – proportional, preferential, and personalized. Want to hear more? See you on May 31st!


MP Breakfast Connections Friday June 21, 2013: “Pharma-cost or Pharma-care? Issues & options for Canada’s drug coverage future?”

June 21, 2013 Please join MP Joyce Murray, and speakers Dr. Barbara Mintzes and Dr. Colin Dormuth of the UBC Therapeutics Initiative, to learn more about the future prospects for Canada’s prescription drug regime.

Health care is often cited as the most overlooked political issue of 2012, and the current federal government is reducing its involvement. With our population aging, can Canadians count on continued access to safe and affordable pharmaceuticals in the future? Is a national Pharmacare plan in Canada the best solution? If so, what are the key elements for it to be fiscally and politically feasible?

Join Joyce and Drs. Mintzes and Dormuth for a dynamic policy discussion about the health and wellbeing of Canada’s Pharmacare system!


March 8, 2013 Leadership Breakfast Speaker Event: “Regulating Pot: PayDay for Criminals or for the People?” with former BC Attorney-General Geoffrey Plant.

Joyce is advocating for government to legalize, regulate and tax the cannabis industry. Our current prohibition results in criminals regulating and profiting (“payday!”) from cannabis, while the public pays the policing and justice costs. Justice and law enforcement leaders claim our current laws do more harm than good. Transferring control of this drug to government, as with drugs like alcohol and tobacco, will reduce costs, increase public safety and generate tax revenues – creating a “payday for the people.” These funds can be used for public good, funding programs for addiction, housing and health.

Geoff Plant, former BC Attorney-General will share his unique perspective on the harms of our current approach and the benefits of proposed change. Geoff has lent his voice to Stop the Violence BC, a coalition of professionals leading this debate in BC.

Joyce was public with her support for cannabis legalization a year before the leadership race started! Join Joyce and Geoff to have your questions answered.


February 8, 2013 Leadership Breakfast Speaker Event, “Big Economy – Small Footprint” with world-renowned sustainability leader Bill Rees.

Rees, who coined and developed the concept of the “ecological footprint,” will discuss the fundamental paradigm shift required for public policy to face the challenges posed by climate change. Rees will also present the culmination of his groundbreaking research as a human ecologist and ecological economist, revealing the components necessary for sustainable growth and the human tendencies that can either impede or inspire sustainability planning.

Join Joyce and Bill to discuss the promise and necessity of bold, forward-thinking leadership in sustainability policy, in the quest to build an environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable society for future generations.


MP Breakfast Connections Friday November 30, 2012: “Veterans in our Community: The UBC Veteran’s Transition Program”   

Friday, November 30, 2012 for the latest in our series of MP Breakfast Connections, Veterans in our Community: The UBC Veteran’s Transition Program with Afghanistan veteran Tim Laidler and speaker Marv Westwood.

Up to 30% of soldiers experience physical and psychological trauma that does not disappear when they return home from duty. In the past veterans programs have focused on the importance of physical healing, with less focus on psychological recovery. This approach is now believed to contribute to the disproportionately high rates of suicide among veterans.

Join Joyce, Tim and Marv for an interactive discussion about the interdisciplinary Veteran’s Transition Program at UBC, which aims to empower veterans to make the often challenging transition back to civilian life.  The VTP is the only Canadian program of its kind, with an innovative approach that has had remarkable success rates to date.


Friday, September 28, 2012 for the latest in our series of MP Breakfast Connections, State of the Arts: National Policy – Local Impact.

Friday, September 28, 2012 for the latest in our series of MP Breakfast Connections, State of the Arts: National Policy – Local Impact with speaker Rob Gloor, Executive Director for the Alliance for Arts and Culture.

A thriving arts and culture sector is crucial to the character and well-being of our society – and is directly tied to economic vitality. In Vancouver, recent developments including the unfortunate closure of the Playhouse theatre company have left many wondering about the future of Vancouver’s arts and culture community.

This MP Breakfast fittingly takes place on the first day of Culture Days, a national movement to increase awareness and engagement of the arts and cultural life in our communities. Join Joyce and Rob for an exploration of the current state of Vancouver’s arts and culture industry, and hear what we can do to help creative communities flourish in our city!


June 22, 2012 MP Breakfast Connections – “The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities”

June’s MP Breakfast Connections featured former Vancouver city councilor Peter Ladner speaking about his new book The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities.

VIDEO The Urban Food Revolution – Peter Ladner


May 25, 2012 MP Breakfast Connections: A Banker’s Perspective on a Sustainable Economy

This month’s breakfast was a dialogue between MP Joyce Murray and Tamara Vrooman, CEO of Vancity, about building a sustainable economy in Canada.

VIDEO: A Banker’s Perspective on a Sustainable Economy

Please join MP Joyce Murray on Friday, May 25, for the latest in our series of MP Breakfast Connections. This month’s breakfast will be a conversation with MP Joyce Murray and Tamara Vrooman, CEO of Vancity, about building a sustainable economy in Canada.

As BC’s former Deputy Minister of Finance, and now head of Canada’s largest credit union, Ms Vrooman offers a unique perspective on the role of responsible banking in building sustainable communities.


April 27, 2012 MP Breakfast Connections: The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal – Economic Benefit or Liability for Canada? 

This month our invited speaker was Robyn Allan, respected independent economist and former head of ICBC. Ms. Allan presented her analysis of Enbridge’s own business case submitted to the National Energy Board – click here to see her speaking notes for the presentation.

VIDEO: Robyn Allan on the Economics of the Northern Gateway Pipeline


February 24, 2012 MP Breakfast Connections: Are We Too Complacent about the State of Learning?

Our invited speaker was Dr. Paul Cappon, President and CEO, Canadian Council on Learning based in Ottawa. Dr. Cappon is a lifelong education advocate, prominent doctor, and author of numerous publications on learning and community medicine.

MP Murray, speaker Dr. Paul Cappon, and special guest, Liberal Critic for Aboriginal Affairs, the Hon. Carolyn Bennett

Dr. Cappon will shared highlights of the council’s final report. The report raises alarms about Canada’s slide down the international learning curve, how ongoing decline in student achievement represents lost opportunities for Canada’s youth, and will undermine Canada’s economic competitiveness in the future.


January 27, 2012 MP Breakfast Connections — Impact of Climate Change on World Oceans — Unthinkable!


Our invited speaker was Dr. Rashid Sumaila, Professor and Director of UBC Fisheries Centre who recently attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban. He explained the repercussions of inaction on climate change to the future of our oceans and to global fisheries, which are already in decline.

Dr. Sumaila also discussed the impact declining global fisheries will have on human welfare and global food security. Low-income food-deficit countries will be hit the hardest by a future shortage of fish caused by climate change, and those who can least afford it will lose their livelihoods and food sources.

Dr. Sumaila emphasized that it is not too late – but we need to take action now! To secure the future of global fisheries, we need to push for the mitigation of greenhouse emissions wherever possible, and Canada needs to take a leadership role in developing climate change adaption strategies.


November 25, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Raising Healthy Kids – What does Society Need to Know to Help Our Children Thrive?

Our invited speaker was Dr. Clyde Hertzman, UBC Professor and internationally acclaimed researcher on early childhood development.  He has gathered wide-ranging evidence to support the idea that what happens to children during their early years is important to lifelong health and well-being. See the video of Dr. Hertzman’s presentation below. 


November 4, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Canada’s Conservative Crime Agenda 

Our November MP Breakfast Connections featured Dr. Robert Gordon, Professor and Director of the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, speaking about the Conservative government’s controversial Crime Bill C-10. This was the most well-attended MP Breakfast event yet! See the video of Dr. Gordon’s presentation below.


September 23, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Threats to your individual privacy rights – in the digital era.

MP Murray’s September 23, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections featured David Eaves, an ‘open government’ activist, speaking about opportunities for government transparency – and threats to your individual privacy rights – in our digital era.

With experience in advising governments, companies, and citizens in the Open Government movement, Eaves shared his ideas on how technology can revolutionize the interaction between citizen and government, and the ways that governments can leverage technology to provide relevant and timely information to citizens.

Eaves is encouraged that the Canadian government recently announced its participation in the Open Government Partnership. In signing onto this Partnership, Canada has joined a coalition of countries committed to the advancement open data policies that will convene in Brazil early next year to collaborate with the ultimate goal of improving government transparency worldwide.
Discussing threats to digital privacy, Eaves also added another voice to the many condemning the Conservative government’s controversial Omnibus Crime Bill C-10, which contains online surveillance provisions that would make your personal information less secure.


June 11, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Joyce Murray hosts Sustainability Activist Ross Moster at MP Breakfast

Joyce Murray’s June MP Breakfast featured local sustainability activist Ross Moster, who spoke about his experiences with sustainable urban agriculture.

Moster is the founder of Village Vancouver, the city’s official Transition Initiative working towards more sustainable communities and cities with lighter ecological footprints.

Sharing insights from thirty-five years of experience in small-business, food, cooperatives, and sustainable community-building, Moster communicated his vision for the potential of local agriculture systems to promote social and environmental change.

The audience of this well-attended MP Breakfast left inspired to take action on a local and individual level, as part of the movement towards more sustainable living practices.


March 11, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Let’s Put Canada Back on the World Map!

For the last three years, Shauna Sylvester led the Canada’s World collaborative project, holding deliberative citizens’ dialogue across the country about what we wanted our nation’s role in the world to be. Thousands of Canadians of all backgrounds shared their dreams for the future of Canada in the world – and you will be surprised to learn the results! 

About Shauna Sylvester:

For the last three years, Shauna Sylvester led the Canada’s World collaborative project, holding deliberative citizens’ dialogue across the country about what we wanted our nation’s role in the world to be. Thousands of Canadians of all backgrounds shared their dreams for the future of Canada in the World – and you will be surprised to learn the results! 

SHAUNA SYLVESTER is a Fellow at the Simon Fraser University Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and the Executive Director of Carbon Talks a national initiative focused on increasing Canada’s global competitiveness by shifting to a low carbon economy. Shauna is a skilled facilitator, a social entrepreneur and a commentator on international issues. Prior to leading Carbon Talks, Shauna served as the Founding Director of Canada’s World – a national citizen engagement initiative on foreign policy.

Shauna has written and edited several publications related to foreign policy, social and environmental issues and has provided policy advice to governments and foundations on subjects as varied as climate change, human security, media and democratic development. In 1997 to 2006, Shauna co-founded and served as the first Executive Director of IMPACS – the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society, a media and democracy organization that operated in Canada and in conflict and post-conflict zones around the world.

In addition to her international work, Shauna is involved in her community. She has served as Treasurer to Mountain Equipment Cooperative and on the boards of Vancity Credit Union, Vancity Capital, the Voluntary Sector Initiative and the BC Assessment Authority.

In 2010 Shauna was recognized by The Simons Foundation as a Peace Leader. In 2003, she was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 in the Globe and Mail after receiving a similar award from Business in Vancouver Magazine in 2000.

January 28, 2011 MP Breakfast Connections: Five Myths about water in Canada with guest speaker Dr. Karen Bakker

About Dr. Karen Bakker:

Dr. Karen Bakker is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Program on Water Governance at the University of British Columbia. The program conducts research on a broad range of water issues and collaborates with policy makers and the community.

Her current research focuses on water governance, the political economy of environmental change, waterfront regeneration, drought vulnerability, and access to urban water supply in developing countries. Her second book, Eau Canada, was published in 2006 and explores challenges to Canada’s water supply. Her latest publication, Privatizing Water, explorers the water privatization debate in developing countries.

Fluent in both French and Spanish, Dr. Bakker has travelled abroad for research in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Furthermore, she regularly acts as a special advisor to NGOs, international development organizations, and politicians. Dr. Bakker currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two daughters.


November 5, 2010 MP Breakfast Connections: Canada’s Gap in Aboriginal Education.

November 5, 2010 MO Breakfast Connections featuring Dr. John Richards, Founding Head of SFU Public Policy. John is one of BC’s leading public policy experts. His recent research has focussed on aboriginal education in Canada. Born in the United Kingdom, John Richards grew up in Saskatchewan, and served as an elected member of the Saskatchewan government in the 1970s. Trained as an economist, he is a member of the faculty in the Graduate Public Policy School at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

He has written extensively on social policy in Canada, primarily via the C.D. Howe Institute (most publications available online at, where he holds the Roger Phillips chair in social policy. His recent publications include monographs on poverty among lone-parent families and Aboriginal education policy.

He co-edits Inroads, a Canadian public policy journal (see
In addition, he has undertaken teaching and research in Bangladesh over the last two decades. He heads the Centre for Policy Research, which is linked to the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology in Dhaka (see


June 10, 2010 MP Breakfast Connections with guest speaker Dr. Julio Montaner.

Vancouver based Dr. Julio Montaner is one of the world’s foremost experts on HIV/AIDS. Amongst many other accomplishments, Dr. Montaner is completing his term as President of the International AIDS Society, is Clinical Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and a founding co-Director of HIV Trials Network.

After receiving his MD with Honours in 1979 at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dr. Montaner moved to Vancouver to become a post-doctoral fellow at UBC, where he also completed his residency in Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine. He was Chief Resident for the Department of Medicine in 1986/1987.