Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra

Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra


Letter to Vancouver Quadra’s Chinese Community

I write to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year.

Home to the University of British Columbia, rich in diversity, culture and natural beauty, Vancouver Quadra is a magnificent place to live. I am humbled to represent Vancouver’s west side in the Canadian Parliament.

Over the past year, I have worked diligently to make sure your voices are heard in Ottawa: I have advocated for increased trade for small and medium size enterprises with China. I cheered on the 2010 Winter Games while making sure they were accountable and marketed our economies. I asked for action when CSIS Director Fadden publicly smeared Canada’s Chinese communities with spy allegations.

In 2011 and the Year of the Rabbit I join Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff in working to make our families better off:

In Vancouver, a prosperous economy means building better diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with Asia-Pacific countries and businesses. It also means reducing Mr. Harper’s reckless and irresponsible spending and investing in our families instead.

Family health comes first. The Liberal Party’s Family Care Plan provides $1 Billion to family members who take care of their loved ones in their own homes.

Education is a top Liberal priority – from early childhood to post-secondary. Quality education is the only way Canada will be able to compete with other nations and create the jobs and prosperity of tomorrow, while giving individuals a chance for success.

Improved pension security and more affordable housing are other family concerns Liberals will address. For more information on ideas for Canadian families visit

I look forward to hearing from you this year. Please see the invitation below for the Lunar New Year event I am hosting. I hope you and your family will celebrate this special occasion with me.

Best regards,

Joyce Murray
MP for Vancouver Quadra


Year of the Rabbit New Year Celebration.
Date: Saturday, February 19
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Omega Gallery, 4290 Dunbar St.
RSVP: or 604-664-9220
Light food and refreshments will be served


Vancouver Quadra是UBC大學的家,並充滿了文化和自然美景,是一個非常特別的地方。我很榮幸在加拿大議會裡代表Vancouver Quadra。

在過去的一年裡,我很勤奮地工作以確保渥太華能聽到您的意見:我主張增加與中國的小型和中小型企業的貿易。在2010年冬季奧運作出支持但同時確保他們對我們的經濟負責任。當加拿大保安情報局(CSIS)局長法登(Richard Fadden) 公開污衊加拿大的華人社區與間諜的指控,我要求當局負責。

在2011年的兔年,我會隨著自由黨黨魁葉禮庭 (Michael Ignatieff) 更加努力工作使我們的家庭更美好:






梅麗喬Joyce Murray
Vancouver Quadra國會議員MP for Vancouver Quadra


日期: 2月19日星期六
時間: 下午3 點到 5點
地點: Omega Gallery, 4290 Dunbar St.
答覆: 或電 604-664-9220