Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra

Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra


MP Joyce Murray’s remarks at the UBC Remembrance Day Ceremony‎

Today, I am humbled once again,
on behalf of the Parliament of Canada
and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
to stand and honour
the service and sacrifice of Canada’s Veterans old and young.

Today we remember Canadian Armed Force members
the women and men in uniform
who give of themselves
to offer the world greater peace and freedom.

We honour their sacrifice
with the depth of our gratitude
and the strength of our commitment
to the sacred covenant of providing the support they may need.

We pause today to remember the Great War
begun one hundred and one years ago.

We reflect today on the bravery and sacrifice of Canadian soldiers
in the world war ended 70 years ago
and the many deployed into danger
in the decades since.

We remember our troops
who served in Afghanistan, and serve in Iraq and Syria.

We honour our veterans sacrifice
by remembering the innocent victims of war.

Adam Kurdi’s lifeless little body lying on a beach
victim of a risky flight from war’s chaos
his image lives with us all.

Let us honour their sacrifice
by valuing also
the soldier’s work
protecting, helping, healing, the victims of war.

Today Canada’s military is mobilizing
to quickly bring desperate Syrian refugees here
to rebuild their families’ lives in safety.

We honour our veterans sacrifice
by acknowledging underlying causes of war
to help prevent it.

Between 2006 and 2011
half of Syria suffered the worst prolonged drought crisis on record
nearly 85% of livestock died
crops withered away
a million villagers lost their farms.
Researchers believe one key catalyst for this conflict
is climate change.
When the Syrian people rose up in their “Arab spring”
their government would not heed their call for help.

Now a quarter of a million have died
4 million fled their country and
7 million more have fled their homes.
What’s happening in Syria
and the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa and across Eastern Europe
is part of a larger story that affects us all.

We are all connected to
these tragic deaths on distant shores
giving special meaning to today’s Remembrance Day.

We honour our veterans sacrifice
by our readiness to respond.

My friend Stu was a teenaged gunner in a Halifax 4-engine bomber when in 1945 he was shot down over Germany

Stu asks us all of us
to honour our veterans sacrifice
not just on Remembrance Day but every day
not just while they are in uniform
but when the drums and bugles fall silent and daily life goes on.

So today in public squares
in Memorial halls

Canadians pause to reflect, and to remember who we are
a People of a proud and free democracy
a People of open hearts and open arms

Who strive to make the world
a better place for humankind.

A people who honour our veterans

Today, In stillness
we relight the flame of remembrance for
the lives, and the families
the passion, and the pain
the heart, and the hopes
of those who died.

We renew our commitment
to those
who wear Canada’s uniforms today.

We remember to open wide our arms.

Tomorrow, we may remove our poppies and our wreaths
but let us never remove our commitment
to those who serve and those who die in service

Let each day of peace and freedom
feed today`s flame
honouring their remembrance.